User Vote Tracker - Pro Voting Manager Addon

  • Plugin Version: 1.0.5
  • Plugin Last Update: 30/07/2023
  • Plugin Create Date: 26/10/2016
  • Web Site:
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  • Developed By: Mahbub Alam Khan
  • Skype: bluewindlab

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Plugin Overview

This Addon allows you to display custom voting report page any where of your site using shortcode. Addon automatically added a custom report page in admin panel, so user can easily track their previous voted items. Also, Adddon comes with built-in widget feature which allows you to display voting report in sidebar while user logged in their account. This way user will able to get a quick look about their voted items all over your site.


You need at least WordPress version 4.8+ installed for this plugin to work properly. It is strongly recommended that you always use the latest stable version of WordPress to ensure all known bugs and security issues are fixed.

You need to install BWL Pro Voting Manager Plugin to use "User Vote Tracker - Pro Voting Manager Addon". Minimum version 1.1.1 required.

Other requirements:
  • PHP version 5.4.45 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.5.51 or greater.

Plugin Installation

To install a plugin, you must first upload the plugin files and then activate the theme. The plugin files can be uploaded in two ways:

  • FTP Upload: Using your FTP client, upload the non-zipped plugin folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your server.
  • WordPress Upload: Navigate to Plugins >> Add New >> Upload Plugin. Go to browse, and select the zipped theme folder. Hit "Install Now" and the theme will be uploaded and installed.

Step 01: Go to WP admin dashboard and click on Plugins >> Add New.

Step 02: Click on Upload Plugin and upload the "" file.

Step 03: Once plugin successfully uploaded in your server you will get an message to activate it. Click on Activate Plugin Link and plugin will be ready to use . After activating plugin, you will redirect in plugins section of wp-admin panel and display new installed plugins information in there.

Step 04:Now you are ready to use User Vote Tracker - Pro Voting Manager Addon!

How To Operate Plugin

- Once you completed installation process, plugin will automatically added a "My Votes" submenu in USER menu section. In "My Votes" page you will able to access all of your previously voted information. You can filter them by post type/ date / vote types (liked/disliked).

- Addon comes with built-in widget to display your voted posts in site widget areas. Go to WP Admin Panel>Appearance> widgets section. There you will get User Vote Tracker Widget.

- Configure it according to your need.

- Final output.


You can also display voting report page any where of your site using shrotcode. Here goes list of shortcode-

[uvt_front filter="1" limit="5" pagination="1"]

Shortcode Values:
//  filter= 1 or 2 . 1= Liked, 2= Disliked
//  limit = 5 ; No of items you like to show.
// pagination = 1 or 0 . 1= Show, 0=Hide.

- PHP Example:
echo do_shortcode('[uvt_front filter="1" limit="5" pagination="1"]');

Translate Plugin Layouts

"User Vote Tracker - Pro Voting Manager Addon" offers cool translation feature. So, you can easily add this plugin any kind of website. Check following steps for translate "User Vote Tracker - Pro Voting Manager Addon" plugin.

  1. Inside of plugin "lang" folder you will get a file named "en_EN.po" file. To edit this file you need to install "poedit" software in your computer.
  2. Our Plugin text-domain is 'bpvm_wpva'
  3. If you are doing "localization of a plugin" for the first time, then I recommend you to check this video.
  4. Suppose you want to translate plugin in to "German" language. So,".po" file name will be
    "bpvm_wpva-de_DE.po". That's all.
  5. For country code check -
  6. For Language code check -

Upgrade Notes

Important Note:

If you modified any files of plugin, please take a backup before update all files and folder. We highly recommend to take backup of language files.

Upgrading from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5

  • Replace all files and directories in your plugins/user-vote-tracker folder.

Change Log

2023, July, 30 - v 1.0.5
  • Fixed: Plugin code issues.
2023, July, 26 - v 1.0.4
  • Fixed: Plugin code issues.
  • Updated: Plugin language/translation file.
  • Updated: Plugin documentation.
2023, July, 15 - v 1.0.3
  • Updated: Plugin language/translation file.
  • Updated: Plugin documentation.
2016, September, 01 - v 1.0.1
  • Improved: Addon Widget.
  • Updated: Plugin language/translation file.
  • Updated: Plugin documentation.
2016, October, 16 - v 1.0.0
  • Initial release

Sources and Credits

  1. jQuery Plugin
  2. Font Awesome
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